Fun Vocabulary Activities for Bible Classes

Vocabulary words don’t seem like a fit for church Bible classes, but the truth is many children and teens don’t know enough Bible vocabulary to read the Bible independently with ease. Taking the time to teach and review some key terms can improve their fluency and comprehension when reading scripture. Be careful though, because children who attend church regularly can fake their way through normal vocabulary questions without really having any idea what the words actually mean.

Thankfully there are some fun ways to practice and review vocabulary words regularly so your Bible students truly know the meaning of words like parable, justification, righteousness and more. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Pictionary. Make cards with the various words on them and play by regular Pictionary rules. This is for older children and teens because…. how do you draw some of those words?!
  2. Matching. This makes a great activity for students who come in early. Prepare several sets of words and definitions which much be matched. Mix the cards and turn them over to make it more challenging as they have to remember where they saw the match as well as what it is.
  3. Vocabulary Sketch Notes. Have students create symbols to help them remember the meaning of key vocabulary words.
  4. Graffiti Wall. Create a graffiti wall. Periodically write new vocabulary words on the wall and encourage students to write or draw things connected to the word.
  5. Vocab Videos. Have students create short videos giving all the info they can about a vocabulary word in a creative way. This can be posted where other members can see them and review their own vocabulary knowledge.
  6. Vocabulary Jeopardy. There are sites that can create the game boards for you. Chances are many adults don’t know the actual definitions of the words either, so consider a parents versus children game (after the children have practiced a lot!)

Have fun with it, but make sure your Bible students know many of the basic terms in the Bible. It will improve their ability and likelihood to read the Bible independently.

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