Great Website for Creating Bible Class Resources

One of the advantages of teaching Bible classes for children and teens is that many resources designed for secular educational environments can also be used by volunteer Bible class teachers in their lessons. One that could make your life a whole lot easier is

Flippity allows you to take your content and turn it into games, time lines, manipulatives and more. Best of all… it’s free! When you entire the website, you will see icons for twenty eight different things you can do with your content. Only a few aren’t adaptable for Bible classes. (They also have options like creating flash cards if your ministry is faith based tutoring or ESL.)

Click on the game or activity you want to create. There are relatively easy step by step instructions that walk you through the creation process. They even provide links to the various documents you need to create and input for them to create the final product. I wouldn’t say the process is quick the first time you try it, but it’s probably still faster and easier than struggling to create games in the programs that are on your computer at home.

While we don’t recommend playing games every lesson, Flippity gives you several game options so you can easily change game formats from time to time to keep students engaged. The crossword puzzles and other worksheet activities probably aren’t the best use of your limited class time, but they are great to send home with students as extension activities or to take with them on vacation. All in all, Flippity gives you the options you have wanted without having to purchase additional software. You can find it at

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