Great Teachers Keep Learning

Great Teachers Keep Learning - Teach One Reach OneYears ago, one of my early jobs was recruiting doctors. I learned a lot about medicine, but one of the most interesting things I learned is that if doctors don’t keep studying and learning they quickly become very bad doctors. The same holds true for Bible class teachers and tutors in faith based programs.

It is really easy to assume you remember the Bible story or the academic skill you are teaching. It’s amazing though, how easy it is to forget details over time. Especially because you may have seen a number of “bible” movies which have added a lot to the story that is not in the Bible. It is important to continue reading the Bible, even if you think you remember it well.

To be a really effective teacher, it also helps to keep up with the world of education. Not everything that is proposed in education circles is good as we all know. Sometimes though, teachers do have innovative ideas for ways to teach subjects more creatively and effectively. Even if you just take a spin around Pinterest, you can find lots of great teaching ideas which you can easily adapt for your class.

Most importantly, you need to read the Bible regularly for your own spiritual growth. It is unbelievably easy for all of your Bible reading to be preparation for teaching. While there is no “bad” Bible reading, it may not be the scriptures you personally need to be studying. What are you struggling with spiritually? What scriptures do you need to read to build up your spiritual stamina? Take the time to read and learn for yourself.

The best way to get kids excited about learning is to still be excited about learning yourself. A child will be much more likely to go home and read the Bible if you share how much you enjoyed reading a passage yourself. They will want to learn more about Bible history when you share with excitement something new you just learned. The best teachers are also often the best learners!

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