Linking Service and Faith Sharing

:inking Service and Faith Sharing - Teach One Reach OneEver noticed something in the first five books of the New Testament? Almost every time Jesus or the Apostles healed someone, fed people or helped people in some way, there was a lesson either right before or right after the miracle. Jesus and the Apostles knew that healing someone and walking away without saying anything ultimately would leave them no better off for eternity. They used the miracle to introduce God and His laws and principles to the people.

Yet today, you can find many churches who swoop in and do service work. They will spend thousands, even millions of dollars providing food, housing, clothing and other essentials and barely even mention God in the process. There may be no efforts to tell the story of Jesus or asking people to become Christians and dedicate their lives to God.

This should never happen. As you plan service projects with your class. also plan how you will share your faith as part of the project. Will you say something? Perhaps your students want to invite those they serve to study the Bible or attend Church. Maybe they will leave a note sharing their hopes and prayers for the people they serve.

Even if your class is serving people who are already Christians, they need to encourage those they serve in their faith walk. Christians who are in a situation where they need to be served, probably also need encouragement. Can your class find ways to let those Christians know they are praying for them? Can they think of encouraging Bible verses to incorporate in their project?

Have fun with your class planning service projects. Just make sure they remember to always share their faith when they serve others. It’s the example Jesus set and we should try to follow if at all possible.

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