Our Favorite Resources This Week

Don’t have the time to search for resources that could enhance your Bible classes for children or teens? Each week we are sharing with you some things we have found that we believe could help your ministry.

Our first find this week, I actually found at our public library book sale. Ours is large and I often find treasures in the religious section in both the children’s and adult areas. Best of all, I pay pennies on the dollar! This time I found a copy of the book Sticky Situations, by Betsy Schmitt.

Games involving scenarios are a great way to help young Bible students practice using what they have learned in the Bible in order to be able to apply it to their daily lives. This book is filled with scenarios that could save you from having to think up new ones for quite some time. Older books can become dated over time, so just make sure you update anything in a scenario that your Bible students wouldn’t normally encounter. You should be able to find copies from a used bookstore to save money.

The next resource I actually found in a bin of academic flashcards at a discount store. They would be great to use when studying Acts or in a unit on missions. Each card covers one country and there are a wide range of them (36 total countries). I love that the photos are realistic and not just children in historic costumes. On the back of each card, you will find basic facts like the capital and population as well as facts like popular names for boys and girls, “famous” foods and holidays and even how to say ”hello”, ”goodbye” and ”thank you” in the most common language. The cards also have fun facts about the country. The cards are great for pointing out similarities and differences – increasing empathy – as well as making young people more aware of how big the charge to ”go into all the world” really is.

After two years of remote learning, even public school teachers are seeing an increase in behavior problems. One of our favorite classroom management tips is to go over the class rules with your Bible students and post them as reminders. I found this pack of mini posters with class rules on them in the school teacher section at Office Depot. Made by Carson Dellosa, they are graphically pleasing and any of them could easily apply even in a Bible classroom.

As a reminder, we do not make use of affiliate links. Any products we share is done because we believe you may find they add value to your ministry. Find a great product that has enhanced your ministry? Contact us through our website and we may feature it in a future post.

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