Our Top Resource Finds of the Week

Don’t have time to look for new resources that could enhance your ministry to children or teens? At Teach One Reach One Ministries, we regularly share with you new research that could apply to your ministry to save you time and energy. We realize that you also may not have the time to search for the latest resources or resources that may be hidden in places you wouldn’t normally look for ideas.

As a result, we will periodically post some resources we believe can enhance your ministry. We want to reassure you that none of these are affiliate links, because we want you to understand we truly love these things and aren’t motivated by any type of financial compensation. Here are three things I stumbled upon recently, that I just love.

This map is a poster I found when looking for something else on Amazon (Bible Story Map Poster Laminated). I have seen and used lots of maps in Bible classes over the years, but this is one of the most visually appealing I have seen. I love that it places familiar Bible stories in context of their current country names. The only possible downsides are that not every story is included and for a couple of places (like Mt. Sinai) where the exact location is debated, they have depicted only one of the options. Otherwise, this is a resource I will use in addition to my current maps.

A trip to Office Depot for supplies exposed me to the next great resource. The world is filled with so much negativity, why not let your Bible students and their parents know about the good you are seeing during your Bible classes? Obviously designed for schools, who says church Bible class teachers can’t use them, too? The best part is that postcards require less expensive postage! (They are an Astrobrights product, if you are looking for them online.)

Finally, browsing the Christian section of my local Barnes and Noble led to my discovery of this jewel. Artistically challenged, it gives me hope that I can at least master some basic sketches I can use during Bible class. Personally, I found the dry erase marker that comes with it is too wide for details. I found fine line dry erase markers at another store that work much better. I love that you can quickly erase your first attempts without wasting paper.

Have you found a great resource other Bible class teachers might love? Use the contact us feature on our website to tell us all about it. Please give as many details as possible, so we can review it before sharing. As you can imagine, we are bombarded with products people want us to review, so it may be awhile before we feature your suggestion. In the meantime, we hope you find these resources enhance your ministry.

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