Questions to Encourage Bible Students to Reflect on Their Spiritual Growth

Self reflection is an important tool for spiritual growth. We need to understand where we are in comparison to where God wants us to be. Childhood and the teen years are so crammed with activities and entertainment designed to distract one from thinking, that reflection has become a lost art. No wonder young people often struggle to grow spiritually!

There are some questions you can ask your Bible class students or mentees to encourage them to reflect on where they are spiritually and where God wants them to be. Hopefully, this realization will encourage them to do the things necessary to grow.

There are probably lots of questions you could ask, but these are some of our favorites.

  1. What do I know about what’s in the Bible and what do I still need to learn?
  2. How am I reflecting God’s image fairly well and in what ways am I reflecting God’s image poorly?
  3. How am I serving God and what are some additional ways I can serve Him?
  4. How am I sharing my faith with others and what are some additional ways I can share my faith?

Regardless of their answers and whether they are shared or kept quiet, the conversation needs to continue. What steps can they take to move them closer to where God wants them to be? Are there some goals they can set to help them grow spiritually? (Remember, for most people baby steps are easier to achieve and maintain than giant leaps of change. The trick is continuing to make additional baby steps after one has become a habit.)

Encouraging students to regularly reflect on where they are spiritually and where God wants them to be can encourage them to be more intentional about their spiritual health and growth. It’s worth taking a few minutes of class time periodically to encourage them to reflect.

Categories Elementary, Mentoring, Teens
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