Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #25

How was your week? You may feel as if your ministry has been in turmoil since COVID began. It looks like the end is finally in sight. Now’s a great time to do some planning and take some Sabbath type rest. Here are this week’s social media challenges to inspire and encourage you.

Monday: Some are leaving social media because it has become toxic for them. You can still read our blog posts and social media challenges by going to our website and signing up for our newsletter. That’s www.teachonereachone.org You will receive one email a week with everything in it and we don’t sell or share your information. (Just make sure you open the email even if you don’t have time to read it so it doesn’t get caught in your email spam filter.) Note: If you are reading this in an email, you are already signed up. Please help us spread the word to others!

Tuesday: You want your Bible students to focus in class like the camera did in this flower…all thoughts of anything but your lesson blurring while they are in your class. You can’t accomplish that by preparing for class at the last second. Master teachers often take as much as several hours to prepare for each class. They spend all year looking for items they might use in future classes. They are passionate, because they understand the consequences of their classes can be eternal. They will do anything they can to help their Bible students build stronger faith foundations and reach their godly potential. Anyone can have the passion and preparation of a master teacher. Any Bible class will improve when the teacher is passionate and puts in plenty of preparation time.

Wednesday: Do your Bible students see the Bible as merely a book of platitudes? Taking the time to go deeper and encourage deeper thinking about scripture is the key to keeping young people truly spiritually engaged in a world full of platitude churches. It takes extra time and effort, but it can make a huge difference for many of your students.

Thursday: This fruit looks like it is starting to spoil. Yet below the damaged skin was fruit that was still perfect. Left too long though, and those weak spots would have encouraged spoiling beneath them. You may have students who already appear to be walking away from God. They may seem to already have hardened hearts. Yet for many of them it’s an exterior they have developed to protect themselves. If you can intervene in time, you can impact them spiritually before their hearts mirror their rough exterior. Teach to the tender heart still within them. Love them in spite of their rough exterior. You may just find that they still have hearts that God can reach and change. Never give up on any young person. They need you to keep trying to reach them.

Friday: Have you thought of ways to encourage the families of your Bible students to spend more time together in meaningful, fun ways that can strengthen family bonds and encourage parents to teach their kids about God? We are designing Faith and Fun holiday boxes for the two week period between December 20 and January 2. Watch for our blog post next week to learn how we structured them.

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