Love Your Hair!

Scripture: 2 Samuel 13-19

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn when people don’t follow God’s commands, their lives often become full of bad choices and consequences.
  • Students will learn pride can cause people to make poor choices.
  • Students will learn pride often leads to disaster.
  • Students will learn words needed in beauty parlors, barber shops, etc.

Guiding Question: What are the words for various beauty items in English?

Materials: various beauty items – especially hair care products and items

Procedure:  Review the story of Absalom, focusing especially on Absalom’s physical appearance and how that affected the way Absalom and others viewed him. Ask students why they think Absalom had such long hair. Why do they think his good looks made people want to rebel against the king? Did Absalom’s looks seem to make him more humble or more proud?

Introduce the activity. Bring in “beauty” tools and ask students if they know what these different tools are and what they are used for. Help the students learn beauty words that one might encounter in salon, barbershop, makeup counter, etc. Have the students practice “using” the items and sort the items based on their uses.

Additional Questions: What are the English words for other beauty items like makeup?

Supplemental Activity: Repeat the activity using other beauty items.

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