Serving Is Special!

Scripture:2 Samuel 13-19

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn when people don’t follow God’s commands, their lives often become full of bad choices and consequences.
  • Students will learn pride can cause people to make poor choices.
  • Students will learn pride often leads to disaster.
  • Students will complete a service project that provides decorative hair ties and barrettes to family homeless shelters or foster care agencies.

Guiding Question: How can students make the needy feel special and feel God’s love?

Materials: Plain barrettes, hair clamps, fabric, ribbons, pretend flowers, hot glue gun/glue

Procedure: Review the story of Absalom from the scripture above. Ask students why pride could lead to negative consequences and how they should act instead of being prideful. Remind students that all their success comes from God and that pride takes away from God’s glory.

Introduce that service project. Tell the students that they are going to make decorative hair clips for women and children in a local family homeless shelter or foster care agency of your choice. Explain that these decorative hair pieces will make the women and children feel special and loved, ultimately feeling God’s love. Have the students create the hair pieces with the materials above. (You may need to help younger students glue items on)

Additional Questions: How can the students support their local family homeless shelter or foster care agency?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students put on a fundraiser to raise money to provide needs for your local family homeless shelter or foster care agency.

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