Ministering to Those From Other Places

Ministering to Those From Other Places

Scripture: Acts 12:1-19, Acts 9:19-25, Matthew 25:35

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that God can provide protection for missionaries.
  • Students will learn how the Apostles had to escape to continue to share the Gospel.
  • Students will learn that Jesus believed that it is important to help foreigners and support them during the hardships they face.
  • Students will learn why people leave countries to live somewhere else and how to show God’s love for them as they adapt to a new way of living.

Guiding Question: How does Jesus want us to show love to those who have come to a new country?

Materials: World map, photos of people from various countries, materials for service dependent on needs for local Refugee Family Services

Procedure: Read Matthew 25:35 to the students and ask why Jesus emphasized welcoming strangers in important for getting into heaven. Who are some strangers Jesus would want us to be nice to? (Include safety in talking to strangers) Discuss the concept of people who move to a new state or country, how lonely they may be, and how they are looking for a new home. Explain how being kind and helping these people get adjusted may make them more interested in hearing about Jesus.

Explain to the students the ways they can be kind to new people. Share how some agencies bring people here to live who lived in countries where their lives may have been in danger. These agencies may not always do the best job at helping these people get adapted to a new cultures. Discuss how Refugee Family Services help people and introduce service project to meet the needs provided by your local Refugee Family Services.

Additional Questions:

  • How can we become involved in regularly assisting Refugee Family Services?

Supplemental Activity: Have students research and speak with those at the local Refugee Family Services to find out how they can provide regular assistance to refugees. There are often Refugee Youth Services that students can also choose to volunteer with and assist.

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