Sharing Our Faith Well

Scripture: Mark 16:15-16, Psalm 96:2-4, Philemon 1:6

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that we need to communicate well with others about God in order for them to learn more about God.
  • Students will review how to share their faith with others.
  • Students will review the Gospel story and why that is important to share with others.
  • Students will make short videos/commercials to encourage people to come to church, read their Bibles, and learn about God.

Guiding Question: How can we share our faith well so we can make God known to others?

Materials: Video camera, whiteboard, dry erase markers

Procedure: Review the story of the ascension. Focus especially on the last words of Jesus to his followers before he rose up in to Heaven.

Explain to the students that after someone builds a house, they usually want their friends and family to come visit. Their friends and family need to know where they live, so the new homeowners need to communicate to people. When someone becomes a Christian, they should communicate to others who are not Christians about God and His plan for them. Explain that when sharing your faith, you want people to know that God can save them from their sins and give them eternal life. They need to know that Jesus is God’s son and come to earth to die for their sins, but that he rose again on the third day.

Have the students share what else they think their friends need to know about God’s plan. Afterwards, have the students divide into smaller groups. Each group should have at least one adult helping them. Have each group make a commercial encouraging people to come to church and learn about God. Once the students have practiced and feel ready, they can have their commercial filled.

Additional Questions: How can students create a conversation about God with others?

Supplemental Activity: Have students create a booklet explaining who God is, why they love God, and what someone should know about God/the Gospel. Have the students think of someone they can give the booklet to and encourage the students to give it to them as a way to start a faith sharing conversation.

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