Bible Stories for Special Themes in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Bible Stories for Special Themes in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach One


There are times when you may need or want to have a Bible class for kids or teens on a particular theme. Maybe you are substituting and there isn’t any literature. Perhaps your students need or want some study on a particular topic. Maybe you have a girls only or guys only Bible study. Whatever the reason, you may be scrambling quickly and drawing a blank on what Bible stories would work.

There are probably as many options as there are Bible stories. (Be aware, some children are not mature enough for a few of these stories.) Here are some that should give you a good start:

  • Bible Stories About Friends
    • David and Jonathan
    • Paul and Barnabas
    • Paul and Silas
    • Paul and Timothy
  • Bible Stories That Have Gross or “Weird” (to kids!) Elements
    • Ehud
    • Ahab and Jezebel (particularly deaths)
    • Absalom
    • Nebuchadnezzar
  • Bible Stories With an Element of Humor
    • Jacob’s Flocks Increase
    • Israelites eat quail (Numbers 11:1-20)
    • Samson’s Riddle
    • Peter and Rhoda
  • Bible Stories Featuring Godly Men
    • Joshua
    • Caleb
    • Samuel
    • Jonathan
    • David
    • Nehemiah
    • John (either)
    • Peter
    • Paul
  • Bible Stories Featuring “Tricky” People
    • Gibeonite Deception
    • Ziba
  • Bible Stories Featuring Very Bad Days
    • Job
    • Paul
    • Jonah
  • Bible Stories Featuring Godly Women
    • Miriam
    • Abigail
    • Ruth
    • Hannah
    • Esther
    • Mary
    • Tabitha
    • Lydia
    • Deborah

Using a theme and multiple Bible stories can help you teach your students multiple facets of the theme. Or some themes teach several different lessons, but are just a lot of fun for students – showing them the Bible is indeed a very interesting book. If you have the opportunity, try a theme and see what it adds to your curriculum. It’s another great tool to have at your disposal.

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