Teaching the Bible to Auditory Learners

Teaching the Bible to Auditory Learners - Teach One Reach One

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Our daughter is an auditory learner. She really does need to hear something to understand it better. She prefers having a teacher verbally tell her about a subject rather than trying to understand it by reading alone. It doesn’t mean she has poor reading comprehension, but just like a visual learner needs to see something to really understand it well, an auditory learner needs to hear it.

Fortunately for auditory learners, most Bible classes are set up just for them. Much of what is done involves listening to the teacher. If you teach a class, work on your story telling skills. For younger children, make sure you use different voices when different people speak. Even if you are reading the story exactly as written from the Bible, add the appropriate emotions to your voice. You don’t want to go overboard, but anything that adds depth and meaning to the auditory message being given is helpful.

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Outside Resources for Planning Children’s Bible Classes

Outside Resources for Planning CHildren's Bible Classes - Teach One Reach One

Every week, thousands of children and teen Bible class teachers all over the world pull out their teacher’s manual and hopefully a Bible. In many ways, that will work for you as a volunteer teacher. Have you ever wanted to make those stories come more alive for your students, though? Have you wanted to give them information that would help them understand things better? Do you want them to be able to visualize the stories as you tell them?

Taking a few extra minutes and checking a couple of additional resources can help your class become even more meaningful and impact your students in important ways. Every teacher probably has a slightly different list, but these outside resources are my absolute favorites for getting maximum help with minimal effort.

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A Love Letter to Volunteer Christian Teachers

A Love Letter to Christian Volunteer Teachers- Teach One Reach OneDo you know the story of Noah and the Ark by heart? Do you spend as much time in the local craft and dollar stores as the grocery? Do you have more friends under the age of eighteen than over? Do you wake up at night thinking of fun ways to make the Bible come alive for children? Do you have friends who are saving things like toilet paper rolls and empty two liter bottles for you? Do you look through Pinterest for ideas you can adapt from secular into “church” ideas? Do you scan the local parenting magazines for field trip ideas even though you don’t have any children living at home? Can you make unleavened bread without looking at a recipe?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you are probably a volunteer Christian teacher of children and/or teens. You put in countless hours outside of the classroom, researching and preparing ways to help your students connect with God in meaningful ways. You read books about education and parenting. You search the Bible looking for scriptures that will touch your students and connect them to God and His Words. You pray. Oh, do you pray. You love those precious students almost as much as their own parents. Your fondest wish is for them all to be with you in Heaven one day.

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Fun Ways to Get Students to Read the Bible

Fun Ways to Get Students to Read the Bible - Teach One Reach OneWhether you teach kids or teens in Bible classes or tutor them while trying to point them towards God, one of your goals is to get your students reading the Bible independently between the times you work with them. Amazingly, many teachers don’t even attempt to encourage their students to read the Bible at home. I’m not sure why, but there really are a lot of fun things you can do to encourage Bible reading by your students.

The trick is to make your challenges sound as little like homework as possible. Whichever idea you choose to present to your students, it should be presented with a lighthearted “you will enjoy this” attitude.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get kids and teens reading their Bibles:

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Bible Class Teacher’s Bag of Tricks

Bible Class Teacher's Bag of Tricks - Teach One Reach One


Whether you teach Bible classes for kids and teens regularly or as a last minute substitute, it helps to have a pre-packed bag with some essentials. I find if I keep this bag packed and by the door, getting ready to teach class is so much easier. If I need some special items for that particular lesson, I can just add them to the bag and I’m ready to go. Even if I am substituting for a teacher who has supposedly left everything I need in the room, I take my bag. More than once, I have arrived only to find someone else has moved the prepared materials and no one can find them. Thankfully, my bag helps me to improvise quickly in emergency situations, too.

So what’s in my teaching bag of tricks? You can vary it a thousand different ways, but these are things I have found I use on a regular basis:

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