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Free Training Resources for Teachers of Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Free Training Resources for Teachers of Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneProfessional educators are required to take regular training classes in order to retain their teaching license. Yet, we will allow volunteers to teach children and teens about God with little if any training at all. Most of the time, we have no idea what happens in the classroom after volunteers begin teaching.

Unless a parent complains (and most don’t because they are rarely heard), your volunteers could be teaching or doing anything (or nothing at all) and you would have no idea. The horror stories I hear are everywhere and in most cases could have been easily prevented with volunteer training.

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Are Your Bible Classes for Kids and Teens Missing This Crucial Element?

Are Your Bible Classes for Kids and Teens Missing This Crucial Element? - Teach One Reach OneYou’ve had a great class. Your students seemed to listen intently while you told the Bible story. They loved the hands-on, meaningful, memorable activity you had planned for them. As the bell rings, your students are so engaged, their parents have to practically drag them out of your room. One important question though. What did they actually learn?

Teachers will tell you that even the best planned lessons can still leave some students with unanswered questions. Others may have totally missed something and leave the classroom with a serious misunderstanding. Many aren’t quite sure what they were supposed to have learned or remembered from the lesson.

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Evaluating Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Money, Money, Money - Free, Fun, Flexible Family Devotional - Teach One Reach OneWhenever you ask someone about the Bible classes for kids and teens in their church, you usually hear how wonderful they are. But are they really? What is the standard for wonderful? Are the kids and teens getting what they need to build strong spiritual foundations and reach their godly potential? Are volunteer teachers doing things that enhance learning or are they creating an atmosphere that makes students want to avoid class?

Even within the same congregation or ministry, you may have one class where kids are learning all sorts of important things from God’s Words in meaningful, hands-on, memorable ways, while others are learning literally nothing. In order to help parents raise their kids to become strong, productive Christians as adults, our ministries must be of a consistently high quality.

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Top Tips for Communicating With Parents of Bible Class Students

Top Tips for Communicating With Parents of Bible Class Students - Teach One Reach OneThe most effective Children’s and Youth Ministries are those that have learned how to communicate effectively with the parents of their students. Why? Because great communication can make parents and ministries partners in helping kids and teens develop strong spiritual foundations.

You would think modern technology would make communicating with parents easier. Unfortunately, it has created so much noise many parents aren’t seeing or opening the communications you do send. Your ministry also needs to understand what types of information helps the parents of your students the most in their efforts in Christian parenting.

So what are our favorite tips for communicating with parents?

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Teaching Kids and Teens Obscure Bible Stories

Teaching Kids and Teens Obscure Bible Stories - Teach One Reach OneDid you realize most purchased literature for Bible classes for kids only covers 30-40 Bible stories over the entire time a child in your ministry will be taught from it? Or that most children in faith based tutoring programs or on the mission field are exposed to even fewer Bible stories?

Do you know how many Bible stories there are in the Bible? Over 200! Children and teens who depend upon churches and ministries for their Bible education are getting less than 20% exposure to the stories in the Bible and less than 5-10% exposure to the rest of the scriptures. No wonder they have such a difficult time living their faith. They don’t know have a full picture of what that means!

As a ministry leader or teacher, you can make a difference. There are lots of ways to make sure your students are at least exposed to more of those Bible stories. After all, we have to assume God put those particular accounts into the Bible for important reasons. You can also do things to make sure your students have experienced more of great Bible books like Proverbs, Psalms, the Epistles and others rarely even mentioned in Bible classes for kids and teens.

Here are some of my favorite ways to make sure young people have a much broader exposure to all of that great material God placed in the Bible.

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