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Introducing Bible Foods in Classes for Kids and Even Teens

Introducing Bible Foods in Classes for Kids and Even Teens - Teach One Reach OneIn our teacher training workshops, we strongly encourage participants to include as many of a child’s senses in a lesson as possible. Doing so can help make the lesson more memorable. Often though, volunteers struggle with adding smell and taste to the mix. Introducing students to foods eaten during Bible times is a great way to add both of those senses to your lesson.

People sometimes hesitate to add foods because of the time most Bible classes meet. Often children are in class just minutes before their family eats lunch or immediately after dinner. The important thing to remember is that a student doesn’t need to eat a full serving of something to add taste and smell to the learning mix. A taste or two will have the same results.

Before giving food to your students there are two crucial things to remember:

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Mindfulness in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Mindfulness in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneIf you keep up with trends in society or education, you may have heard about “mindfulness”. For those of you who were kids during the 70’s, you may have associated it with meditation or yoga and many proponents do suggest them as a way to practice mindfulness. As a Bible class teacher though, you may wonder whether disciplines often associated with religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have a place in Bible classes for kids and teens.

Thankfully, modern researchers have included Christian disciplines in some of their research. Studies show prayer, reflecting on scripture and fasting (which usually incorporates highly focused prayer and scripture reflection), produce the same benefits as meditation and yoga. (Meditation is actually also a Christian discipline. See Psalm 1:2, Philippians 4:8 and others for more details.)

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Tips for Training Summer Interns In Children’s and Youth Ministry

Tips for Training Summer Interns In Children's and Youth Ministry - Teach One Reach One

My Intern Training Tub

Summer interns are great. If your program can afford one or more summer interns, they can add a lot of energy and enthusiasm to your ministry. It’s important to remember though, that no matter how well-educated they may be, they still lack a great deal of experience. Some may even be majoring in topics having little if anything to do with education or ministry. They may have a heart to impact lives for God, energy to do anything you ask and enthusiasm that rekindles yours.

Without training though, they may not reach their godly potential to serve your ministry this summer. In extreme cases, they may even accidentally do your ministry and the young people it serves more harm than good. If your intern orientation resembles more of a tour, a long to-do list and a free lunch, you are leaving your intern, your ministry and the children it serves vulnerable.

Take the extra time this summer to develop a more formal training program. Use the first couple of days to make sure your interns are ready to take on the responsibilities you will give them. You can include planning for events as part of the process, but make sure even interns majoring in education and ministry are taught the basics by you or someone on your team. It’s really the only way you can be sure, your interns will follow the standards you have set for your ministry.

What are some of the things you may want to include in your intern training? There are probably a lot of options, but these are some we have found interns have most appreciated.

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Culture and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Culture and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneWhen I moved to New York City after college, it was winter. Entering my first typical NY coffee shop, I ordered an iced tea. The owner looked at me like I had two heads. Horrified he said, “That’s a summer drink!” When I reassured him those of us from Virginia drank iced tea year around, he handed me a tea bag, a cup of hot water and a glass of ice.

While not my first experience with culture shock, it was perhaps the first time I realized how very many things are effected by one’s culture – even within the same country and a few hundred miles apart. Since then, I have traveled quite a bit more and lived in yet another region of the U.S.  I have learned that everything from vocabulary to food to favorite songs can be changed by one’s culture.

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The One Quality Sunday School Teachers Must Have To Be Effective

The One Quality Sunday School Teachers Must Have To Be Effective - Teach One Reach OneI guess the first question we must ask is, “What defines effective Sunday School teaching?” If we asked 100 different people, we would probably get 100 slightly different answers. I would imagine for most of us though, we would consider ourselves effective if we made a positive difference in the spiritual foundation building of our students.

We sometime allow ourselves to forget the purposes of Sunday School (or any Bible class for that matter). Initially, Sunday School was created (educated guess, I grant you) to assist parents in teaching their children about God and what He wanted for them and from them. It was an opportunity to reinforce what the parents were already teaching at home. If done really well, it also provided additional practice in Christian Life Skills, teaching areas of the Bible not yet taught at home and more.

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