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Autism in Bible Classes

Special Needs In Bible Classes - Teach One Reach OneWith 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 62 children in general diagnosed with autism, chances are you will have one or more students on the spectrum in your class. If you haven’t had much training or experience working with kids with special needs, the thought of teaching a child with autism or any other special need may be intimidating.

There is one truth though you need to understand. Every single child in your class has special needs. God created each one of them to be slightly different from the others – even identical twins. That’s what makes the whole concept of the church as a body with all of its parts working together is so beautiful.

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Are You Using All of Our Free Teach One Reach One Resources?

Are You Using All of Our Free Teach One Reach One Resources? - Teach One Reach OneDo you teach children or teens the Bible? Are you a Sunday school or Bible class teacher? Do you mentor young people? Are you part of a faith-based tutoring ministry? Does your church have a community outreach program for kids, teens or parents?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Teach One Reach One has free resources that can help you be more effective in your ministry. We would love for you to explore our primary Teach One Reach One website. Once you are there, here’s a list of some of the many free resources you can find:

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Activities for Kids Who Have to Miss Bible Class

Activities for Kids Who Have to Miss Bible Class - Teach One Reach One


It snowed here last weekend, and our church decided to cancel service and classes. The next two weeks we are having special services with no Bible classes because of the holidays. Add in illnesses and family vacations and your students may miss multiple Bible classes over the course of a year.

Last week in our post, we talked about the best way to provide suggestions for activities families can do at home. Some of you may still be wondering what kinds of things you can suggest. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but should give you a few ideas to get you started.

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When Bible Classes for Kids Are Cancelled for Weather or Holidays

When Bible Classes for Kids Are Cancelled for Weather or Holidays - Teach One Reach OneWinter can cause all sorts of cancellations of children’s bible classes. Snow and ice, holidays, flu season – you name it – it seems like every other week for several months you either don’t have class or most of your students are missing.

The time you have with your students is limited enough without losing weeks of valuable class time. There probably isn’t much you can do about the weather or holidays. You can however do some things to encourage your students’ parents to spend some time with their kids teaching them about God.

Often parents don’t do much Bible teaching at home, because they have this mistaken belief it’s too hard. Or costs a lot of money. Or requires them to have a degree in Bible.

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What Temple Grandin Taught Me About Fixing What’s Broken in Ministries for Young People

What Temple Grandin Taught Me About Fixing What's Broken in Ministries for Young People - Teach One Reach OneI was blessed with the opportunity to hear Temple Grandin speak this week. Ms. Grandin is quite possibly the most famous person alive on the autism spectrum. Her book Thinking in Pictures and the movie based on it are classics. While I went primarily to hear what she had to say about being more effective when teaching young people on the spectrum, she actually taught something I believe is crucial for everyone involved in ministries serving kids, teens, parents or frankly anyone to learn.

As she talked about her career, she shared one of the reasons she became known as an expert in her field. She showed a graph where a particular industry in her field had only a 30% success rate in their objective (don’t ask!). Within three years, she had managed to help them raise it to a 90% success rate and within thirteen years the industry met their goal 100% of the time.

While many of her innovations in her field changed the industry drastically, she admitted this particular statistic had little if anything to do with her innovations. Instead, she said, it only took making two changes to drastically improve success. Interestingly, those two factors can be repeated in any industry and in our case ministry.

What were those two changes?

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