Human Clock

Scripture: Genesis 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Creation, paying special attention to units of time
  • Students will learn/review how to tell time on an analog clock
  • Students will play a game that allows them to practice telling time on an analog clock

Guiding Question: How do you know what time it is if you look at an analog clock or watch?

Materials: Chalk and large outdoor area that can be marked with chalk

Procedure: Using chalk, draw one large clock for every 4-6 students. The clocks should be large enough for a student’s body to be each hand on the clock. Write the numbers on the appropriate spots or, if this is a review activity, have each group place the numbers on their own clock.

Review the Creation story, focusing on the days and the eventual need to break days into hours. Teach or review how to tell time using an analog clock. Divide students into teams, with 4-6 students at each chalk clock. Then, call out a time. Two students from each team should race against the other teams to create the given time on their clock, using their bodies as hands, first. Play multiple rounds.

Additional Questions:

  • How do people tell time using a 24 hour clock?
  • How do you tell time with a sundial?

Supplemental Activity: Build sundials with the students. Use them to tell time throughout the day.

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