Plant Parts Kitchen Match Game

Scripture: Genesis 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Creation, focusing on the creation of plants
  • Students will learn/review the parts of a plant
  • Students will participate in an activity to apply their knowledge of plant parts to food

Guiding Question: What part of the plant is each of the given foods?

$ Pictures of food from old magazines
$$ Stock photos of food
$$$ Large variety of food products (real or toys)

Suggested List of Foods

Procedure: Review the story of Creation, focusing especially on any mention of plants. Teach and/or review the parts of a plant. Hold up photos/food products and have students determine the part of the plant the food was originally. Include a variety of foods for each plant part. Have students work to group foods which were originally from the same plant part. Have the students investigate whether any of the foods were originally different parts of the same plant.

Additional Questions:

  • What plants were mentioned in the Bible?
  • What part of a plant were the foods mentioned in the Bible

Supplemental Activity: Have students examine processed vegetarian foods. After examining the list of ingredients, have students determine which plant parts are in each processed food.

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