Washing the Hands God Gave Us

Scripture: Genesis 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Creation, paying special attention to the creation of Adam and Eve
  • Students will learn the importance of keeping their bodies clean to prevent various illnesses
  • Students will learn how to properly clean their bodies to prevent illnesses

Guiding Question: How can cleaning our bodies properly help prevent various illnesses?

Materials: Clean water, bar of soap for every student (if possible), cocoa powder, bowl

Procedure: Review the story of Creation, paying special attention to the creation of Adam and Eve. Discuss with students the importance of taking good care of the bodies God gave us. Depending on the age of your students and the resources available to you, have students research or teach students about germs, parasites, and the importance of clean hands and other body parts in preventing illnesses. Demonstrate proper hand washing procedures. Explain the most important times for students to wash their hands.

Have students practice appropriate hand washing techniques. To check if they are washing their hands properly, place their hands in a bowl of cocoa powder and cover them thoroughly with cocoa. (The cocoa will stick to their hands enough to encourage students to wash every area of their hands.) Explain to the students the cocoa represents germs that end up on our hands. Impress upon students the importance of washing off all of the germs on their hands to prevent illnesses. Encourage students to take the soap home and teach their family what they learned.

Additional Questions:

  • What hand washing instructions can you find in the Bible?
  • Why is soap such an important part of hand washing?

Supplemental Activity: Have student touch three pieces of bread – one with dirty hands, one with hands washed with water only, and one with hands washed with soap and water. Place each slice of bread in a separate plastic bag. Make notes on what grows on each slice of bread and how quickly.

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