Scripture: Joshua 1-4

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review how Rahab’s obedience protected her family.
  • Students will practice using the English names of colors as they mix paints to make new colors.

Guiding Questions:

What are the names of colors in English?

How can colors be mixed to make new colors?

Materials: primary color and white paints, paper to paint on, paint brushes, cups of water to rinse brushes, paper slips with color names pre-written on them, paper plate

Procedure: Review the story of Rahab and the spies focusing on the importance that she obeyed their command to tie the red rope to the window. She was expected to obey every detail in order for her family to be saved. The red for the rope likely was a dye that came from a bug. Red is a primary color. Her obedience saved her much like it saved the Israelites when they spread the blood of the lamb over their doors in Egypt.

Give paper and primary paints (red, yellow, blue) to each student. Have each color’s name on a slip of paper in a cup. Include many different color names, not just primary ones. Review the primary colors with students. Students can paint with the colors. Encourage them to mix colors on a paper plate to make new colors. They can also explore how to make different shades by adding white. Each time students paint with a color they should find the name of that color in the cup and place it in front of them while they are using that color. When they are finished, they place it back. Afterwards, have students present their creations to each other and tell their peers what colors they used in English.

Additional Questions:

    • Which colors were hardest or easiest to make?
    • What other colors were not used?

Supplemental Activity: More advanced students can use vocab to describe their colors such as light, dark, bright etc. For students to practice using the verbal language more, have them give each other verbal directions for how to paint something.

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