Boxes and Boxes of Food

Scripture: 1 Samuel 25

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God expects us to be kind and hospitable to others.
  • Students will learn Abigail was kind and generous even though she lived with someone who wasn’t and we can be kind no matter what anyone else does.
  • Students will learn wisdom can often keep us from harm.
  • Students will provide meals in a box for those in need.

Guiding Question: How does providing meals show godly hospitality?

Materials: Boxes (or whatever you choose to pack the meals in), food items for each bag (will vary depending on what students choose), list of the food items stapled to each box

Procedure: Review the story of David and Abigail. Emphasize the importance of Abigail being hospitable toward David and making the right choice in leading him toward a better decision. Explain that when we are kind and welcoming toward others, they see God through our attitude and that opens an opportunity for us to share more about Jesus and the gospel.

Introduce the service project. Explain to the students that they are going to put together meals in a box for those who are in need of food. (These can be made for either people in your congregation, for a mission team, local shelter, etc.) Have the students come up with a list of different foods that can be included in the box that are non perishable and can make several meals, snacks, etc. You may need to give examples and guide students on creating this list. Take the students with you to shop for these items and then help students put these items together into the box. Set a time when the students can go with you to deliver these meals.

Additional Questions: How can we give back in our community?
Supplemental Activity: Have students go with you to volunteer at a local food bank. Contact the food bank prior to set up a time and see if the students need to collect any food items for donation.

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