It’s Time to Learn About Time

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1-12

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that in spite of his great wisdom, Solomon still made many bad choices.
  • Students will learn Solomon tried many things to find meaning in his life outside of God.
  • Students will learn after becoming miserable trying things other than God, Solomon realized true meaning and fulfillment in life can only be found through God.
  • Students will learn that there are various objects people use to measure time.

Guiding Question: How can students learn different ways to tell time?

Materials: sundials, clocks, watches, hourglasses, calendars, date books

Procedure: Explain to students that even though Solomon had asked God for wisdom, he didn’t always make good choices. In fact, it seems Solomon got caught up in a lot of the things his money and power gave him and maybe even stopped putting God first for a time in his life. Putting God first will allow us to find true joy and purpose for our lives on Earth. Putting other things before God and finding joy in Earthly things will only result in temporary satisfaction. Remind students that there is a certain time that God has planned for all things to happen in our lives. His perfect timing can give us peace during times of sadness or uncertainty.

Introduce the activity. Explain to students that there are four different seasons (fall, winter, summer, spring.) Tell students that people mainly tell time by looking at a clock. However, there are several other ways people tell time. Bring in different ways of measuring time like sundials, clocks, watches, hourglasses, calendars, date books, etc. Share with the students how to tell time using each of those items. Have the students quiz each other on telling time using the things you brought in. For example: Which object uses the sun to help tell time?, What object shows your how to measure time during a whole year?

Additional Questions: How can students practice telling time on a clock?

Supplemental Activity: If students need support with basic clock terminology such as minute hand, hour hand, clock, etc, have the students create a human clock. Draw a large clock on the ground outside with chalk. Have one student be the hour hand and one students be the minute hand. Have students make different times on the clock.

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