Elijah and Elisha

Scripture: I Kings 19:19-21, 2 Kings 1:1-2:18

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn sometimes God may ask us to leave everything we have and follow Him.
  • Students will learn it is important to learn from older, wiser godly people.
  • Students will learn eventually we have to become a teacher/mentor for others, pointing them to God.

Interesting Facts:

  • Elijah was one of only two people the Bible mentions as having gone to Heaven without dying first. The other was Enoch in Genesis.
  • Elijah’s cloak being left behind was God’s sign to Elisha and others that he was to “take up the mantle” of Elijah as prophet.

Bible Lesson

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Service Project


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  • Basic Literacy
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  • Advanced Literacy
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