Evaporation and Condensation

Scripture: I Kings 18:1-19:18

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God is the only god we should worship.
  • Students will learn that just like Baal, false gods like money, beauty and even power have no strength or value compared to God.
  • Students will learn sometimes God shows himself to us in quiet ways like the whisper to Elijah.
  • Students will complete an experiment to learn about evaporation and condensation.

Guiding Question: How does God show Himself to us?

Materials: Small zipper baggies, blue food coloring, water, measuring cups, tape, markers

Procedure: Review the story of Elijah and Mt. Carmel. Remind the students that God loves to show himself in different ways. Sometimes it is done in quiet ways or could be obvious. Explain to students that the more they focus on God, the more they will hear from Him and understand how God speaks to them. (Provide examples from personal experience if appropriate).

Introduce the science experiment. Give each students a plastic zip bag and have them draw a sun in the upper left corner of the bag. Then have them draw a cloud in the upper right corner of the bag. Next, have the students fill the bag ¼ to ⅓ full of blue water. Make sure the bag is zip closed tight, use tape for extra security if needed. Tape the bag or place the bag next to a window pane that gets sun. Have the students observe as heat makes water evaporate and then condense back into the water at the bottom. Have the students brainstorm where else this may occur.

Additional Questions: How long does it take water to evaporate?

Supplemental Activity: Introduce evaporation and where evaporation occurs. Give each student a plastic cup and have them fill the water to a certain point and make them mark that on their cup. Then have the students cover their cup with with clear plastic wrap. Explain that at the next class, they will check their cups to see how much water has evaporated and how much will be left in their cup.

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