God Is Our Provider

Scripture: Exodus 13-16

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review how God provided for the Israelites’ needs when they escaped Egypt.
  • Students will learn basic phrases as they pertain to needs.
  • Students will categorize objects according to needs.

Guiding Question: What are human needs and how does God provide them?

Materials: objects that represent food, safety and love

Procedure: Review the story of the Israelites escaping Egypt focusing on how God provided for their needs. Explain that to live you need food/water, shelter/safety and love. God provided for the Israelites and he provides for us too. Have three different circles on the floor to represent categories. You can draw them, use masking/painter’s tape, or use hula hoops. There will be various objects to sort in each category. Students will sort the following into the categories saying them as they do so. First explain each category and give an example that goes in each. Then review the English word for each object. Have students take turns placing an object in a category

  1. Food Category – water bottle, bread, vegetable, fruit
  2. Safety Category – doll house to represent shelter (can be homemade from box), bandage for healthcare, etc.
  3. Love Category- photo of friends, photo of family, Bible, cross,

Additional Questions:

  • What other things go in the food category? Safety? Love?
  • Are any of these words similar to the ones in your language?
  • How did God provide these needs for the Israelites?

Supplemental Activity:
Students can practice English writing skills to make thank-you notes to God. They can thank him for providing for their needs. Advanced students can write their own notes. Provide sentence starters for those who need additional support so they can fill in the blank. Example: Thank you God for__________. Let students share their notes aloud if they would like.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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