Powerful Prayer

Scripture: Luke 11:9-13

Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will learn God expects us to pray to Him about all of our concerns.
  • Students will learn God knows what is best for us.
  • Students will learn when God says “no” or “wait” to our prayers, He is not “giving us a scorpion”, but He knows things we cannot understand and is doing what is best for us.
  • Students will learn how to pray every day.

Guiding Question: How can students remember to pray daily?

Materials: Sticky notes, makers

Procedure: Review the importance of faith and prayer from the scriptures above. Emphasize the importance of praying to God about all the things that you worry about – big or small and that God will be faithful in answering/working His plan for you. Prayer can help you and also others. Many times, people who are struggling with very difficult situations reach out for prayer from others because they believe in the power of prayer and it helps to encourage them in their struggles. We won’t get answers to prayers we don’t pray. Introduce a way to help students pray about everything.

Give each student a stack of sticky notes. Have them decorate each note with reminders to pray in general and for specific things. Encourage them to put them in places where they will see them throughout the day and remember to pray.

Additional Questions: How can students learn to pray every day?

Supplemental Activity: Have students create a “prayer list” that covers two weeks. Each day, the students pray in general and pray for one specific thing, person, country, etc. At the end of the two weeks, the students can look back and see how God answered the prayers.

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