Free Training Resources for Teachers of Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Free Training Resources for Teachers of Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneProfessional educators are required to take regular training classes in order to retain their teaching license. Yet, we will allow volunteers to teach children and teens about God with little if any training at all. Most of the time, we have no idea what happens in the classroom after volunteers begin teaching.

Unless a parent complains (and most don’t because they are rarely heard), your volunteers could be teaching or doing anything (or nothing at all) and you would have no idea. The horror stories I hear are everywhere and in most cases could have been easily prevented with volunteer training.

Teach One Reach One can even provide free resources to help you with your training needs. Our volunteer training resource area has lots of free handouts with important information. You can use them to find out best practices your volunteers should be using and then print copies for them to keep to remind them.

We also have a variety of workshops we can do at your location. Our time and resources are free, but we do ask ministries to reimburse our travel costs (scholarships are available in some cases to cover those costs, too). We are also experimenting with online training, so watch for future opportunities in that area.

If you are reading this post, you may also be aware that we post weekly blog entries on a variety of topics to help your volunteers. From teaching tips to best practices and our favorite resources, our blog posts can give your volunteers another level of training. They can even search for past blog posts on a topic of interest.

Finally, our Teach One Reach One Facebook page provides daily challenges Monday through Friday. Each challenge is really a training nugget for your volunteers. Encourage them to like the page and the challenges should show up in their newsfeed. If not, they can go to the website and sign up for our newsletter and receive links to current blog posts and more.

Taking the time to adequately train volunteers will help your ministry be more effective. It’s worth the extra time and effort it may take to make sure your students are really learning as much about God as they possibly can while being served by your volunteers.


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