There’s No Place Like Home

Scripture: Genesis 12, 15 and 20

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Abram.
  • Students will learn Abram had to move from his home and extended family to a place where he didn’t know anyone..
  • Students will learn about foster children and the challenges they face.
  • Students will participate in a service project to help foster children transition easier from home to home.

Guiding Question: What are ways we can make life better for foster children?

Materials: items needed for activity or travel bags

Procedure: Review the story of Abram, focusing especially on his move from where his extended family lived to a new place where he didn’t know anyone or have any extended family. Discuss the challenges faced by many foster children. One issue is that many foster children have experienced abuse or have special health challenges. This requires their foster families to take them to many appointments with various healthcare professionals. Often foster families are given a child quickly and they don’t have a lot of things in their home to take to entertain the foster child while they are in the car or waiting at appointments. Your class may decide to partner with a local Christian foster care organization and provide reusable activity bags for various age groups. These can be filled with age appropriate toys, activities and books.

Another challenge for foster children is that they may be moved from home to home with little or no notice. Often they don’t even have the basics when they enter their new home. Your class may decide to partner with a local foster care agency to provide emergency transfer bags. The bags could include a small age appropriate toy or book, toothbrush, pajamas, socks, underwear, t-shirt and sweats.

Additional Question: What other challenges are faced by children in foster care that Christians can help them conquer?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students research what other challenges children in foster care face. Have them brainstorm ways Christians can help these children conquer the challenges.

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