You Can’t Get There From Here

Scripture: Genesis 12, 15 and 20

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Abram.
  • Students will learn/review basic directional words (right, left, up, down, behind, beside, etc.).
  • Students will participate in an activity allowing them to practice generating and following directional words.

Guiding Question: How can you use directional words to help someone find something?

Materials: small objects – one for every two students

Procedure: Review the story of Abram, focusing especially on how God gave Abram directions to follow to find his new home. Teach or review with students basic directional words. Divide the students into pairs. Give each pair a different small object. Have students take turns hiding the item while the other student isn’t looking. The student who hid the item should give the other student directions to find the item. Each time the item is hidden the student who hid it must generate at least four different sentences with directional close to slowly guide the other student to the hidden object. After the object is found the process is repeated with the other student hiding and giving directions. Encourage students to use different directional clues each time they hide an object.

Additional Question: How can directional words be used in writing descriptions of objects?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students write descriptions of various objects in terms of directional words. Can other students guess what the object being described is from the directional descriptions provided?

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