Introducing David

Scripture: I Samuel 15-16

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God sometimes chooses seemingly unlikely people to do special things for Him.
  • Students will learn there are often earthly consequences for disobeying God.
  • Students will learn God may give us a hint about something special He wants us to do for Him, but He may take years to prepare us, just like He did David.

Interesting Facts:

  • The Amalekites were descended from Esau.
  • The command for the Israelites to destroy everything may have been God’s way of making sure they were only fighting to clear the land God had promised them and/or to get rid of any possibility of them being introduced to foreign false gods. Keeping items would have possibly encouraged them to begin fighting only for material gain.

Bible Lesson

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Service Project

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  • Basic Literacy
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  • Advanced Literacy
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