Introducing Moses

Scripture: Exodus 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God has a plan, but sometimes bad things still happen.
  • Students will learn God is working even when bad things happen.
  • Students will learn sometimes things in our lives don’t make sense, because we are only one piece of a much larger plan of God’s.

Interesting Facts:

  • Scholars disagree on which Pharaohs are the ones mentioned in Exodus. Recent discoveries point to Amenemhet III as the Pharaoh when Moses was a baby. His daughter had no children.
  • Pharoah’s daughter may have been at the Nile to pray to the fertility god of Egypt to give her a baby. She would have seen baby Moses as an answer to her prayer.
  • Archaeologists have found evidence from that same time period of a settlement of people in a section of Egypt who had buried wooden boxes of small babies under their houses, fitting with the description of Pharaoh having the babies of the Israelites murdered.

Bible Lesson

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Service Project




  • Basic Literacy
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  • Advanced Literacy
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