Invitation Punctuation

Scripture: Genesis 24

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Isaac and Rebekah.
  • Students will learn even during the time of Abraham and Isaac, weddings were an important celebration
  • Students will learn the various types of punctuation which may be used in giving and accepting invitations.
  • Students will participate in an activity helping them practice using periods, question marks and exclamation point properly.

Guiding Question: How does one use periods, question marks and exclamation points to punctuate sentences that may be used when making or accepting invitations?

Materials:paper, pens or pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Abraham focusing especially when he sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac. Explain how even during the time of Abraham and Isaac, weddings were special celebrations. Teach/review the proper use of periods, question marks and explanation points. Give each student two sheets of paper. On the first sheet they should write several sentences inviting someone to the wedding of Isaac and Rebekah. They should leave blanks where periods, question marks or exclamation points should be. Encourage students to write at least five or six sentences and include all three types of question marks. (For some students it may be necessary to discuss what types of information is often found in an invitation before starting.)

Have students pass their invitation to the student next to them. Each student should have an invitation written by someone else. Have the student put the appropriate punctuation marks on the invitation. On the second sheet of paper, they should each write an acceptance letter back to the person who handed them their invitation. Once again, the students should write four or five sentences, making sure to include sentences needing each type of punctuation mark. Each student should hand their written response to the student “inviting” them to the event. All of the students should then place the appropriate punctuation marks in the reply.

After completing both sheets, have students compare their answers to the original intent of the writer. If time allows, you may want to discuss how difficult it may or may not have been to decide which punctuation marks to use. What clues did the writer give to help the person punctuating the sentence? Where their certain words which immediately helped determine the correct punctuation needed?

Additional Questions:

  • What punctuation marks would you use when writing a description of the event for a newspaper article?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students read several newspaper articles. What types of punctuation are used? Encourage them to write a newspaper article of an event. The article should contain multiple sentences and referable include periods, question marks and exclamation points.

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