Saving for the Future

Scripture: Genesis 42-50

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Joseph’s role as second in command of Egypt.
  • Students will learn the power of saving instead of spending so that they are prepared for future opportunities.

Guiding Questions:

How does being patient and saving money help us in the future?

How do we react when we see others getting things that we want in the moment, but we know it is better to wait?

Materials: pretend coins (can be printed off the computer if you do not have plastic ones), prizes or pictures of prizes with small value (M&M or marble), medium value (fun-sized candy bar or bouncy ball), and big value (regular candy bar, toy car, activity book, mini stuffed animal, note: save kids meal prizes).

Procedure: Review Joseph’s role as second in command of Egypt. What made him successful? He listened to God, he was wise and helped people save for the future.

Give each student one cent (can be play money). Set up three tables each with the items of increasing value. Show students table 1. Tell them that they can either buy a small piece of candy such as an M&M, or marble (or other very small value item) for 1 cent now or they can save their money and spend it on something better later. As soon as they buy their prize they may eat it/play with it. Make exchanges with students who decide to do so. Let students sit there for one minute after initial exchanges are made to give waiting students a chance to change their mind. Give each student another cent. Next, bring out something of medium value from table 2 such as a fun sized candy bar or bouncy ball. Tell them that it costs 2 cents. Ask students if they want to buy the new item or save their money for something else. Students who have 2 cents may choose to have 2 of the previous items or 1 of the new item. If students who bought the smaller prize complain that they do not have enough money, dramatically sympathize that they are 1 cent too short. Repeat the 1 minute wait time. Give another cent to each student. Introduce the third store with a big value item. Give students the option to use their cents however they would like.

Additional Questions:

  • What are some ways that we can save our money?
  • What things can we save our money for? College, Christmas gifts, a favorite toy, school supplies, etc.
  • What are some needs that cost money even though they may not seem like fun? Doctors, food, house, etc.

Supplemental Activity: Ask students to write about something that they really want that might be more than they have at the time. Write a plan for how to earn money around the house or in the community and how to save up for what they want.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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