Good, Better, Best

Scripture: Genesis 29-30

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Jacob’s life working for Laban and marrying Leah and Rachel.
  • Students will learn Jacob preferred Rachel in part because she was prettier than Leah.
  • Students will learn how to modify adjectives to compare two and three or more objects/nouns.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them practice properly modifying adjectives to compare objects/nouns.

Guiding Question: How do you need to modify an adjective when you are comparing objects/nouns?

Materials: three of the same type of object, with each one being different from the others

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob, focusing on how compared Rachel to Leah and thought she was the prettier of the two. Teach/review with students how to modify adjectives when comparing objects. (Note: Please review websites before using. Content changes rapidly and may not be what was originally suggested.)

Divide students into small teams. For each turn, place either two or three items in front of you and then write or say the adjective so all teams can see/hear it. Once you have given the adjective, the first person in each team races to the board (or writes the answer on the slip of paper and runs it to you) and correctly modifies the adjective. Team members rotate, so each member has an equal number of turns. Ex: If you had two objects in front of you and the adjective were “pretty”, the correct answer would be “prettier”. Be sure to include adjectives which need spelling changes or which use “more” or “most” to modify properly.

Additional Questions:

How do you modify adverbs when comparing two or more things?

Supplemental Activity: Have advanced students research and learn the appropriate ways to modify adverbs when comparing two things. Repeat the activity using adverbs instead of adjectives.

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