Join Us And Learn How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministries to Children and Teens

Join Us And Learn How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministries to Children and Teens - Teach One Reach OneWhat do camel’s hair, edible locusts and testimony t-shirts have to do with ministering to children and teens? Teach One Reach One has worked hard to find ways to adjust what churches, urban ministries and mission fields do in their ministries for kids and teens. We believe we have found ways to make these ministries more effective.

Our goal is to help you give your students an incredibly strong biblical foundation. We also want to help you develop the talents God has given your students as they grow to become leaders in the Church.

We have found a way to make learning God’s Words meaningful, memorable and fun. Even better, because we are a ministry, we offer almost all of our resources for free! (If we come to your site to help, we will need to bill for our expenses. Grants are available to cover those costs for programs who can’t afford the expense.)

Have you ever wondered if the children in your ministry could learn in ways that will truly impact them for the rest of their lives? Have you had concerns that what you are currently doing is a lot of fun, but there doesn’t seem to be much substance? Do you feel like your curriculum really teaches important information from the Bible, but the kids seemed bored? Do you have a difficult time finding, training and retaining volunteers? Are you frustrated with your efforts to involve parents in your programs? Teach One Reach One can help.

Take a look around our website. It is currently under development, so new resources are added regularly. Feel free to contact us and we would love to chat with you about your specific situation by email or telephone. Or better yet, attend one of our workshops this spring to get a great overview of our philosophy and our resources.

We have two workshops scheduled this spring that are a part of major conferences. Both conferences are open for the public to register and attend.  The first is the National Urban Ministries Conference February 18-20, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Our workshop will be on Friday morning and space is limited so make sure you arrive early to grab a seat and lots of free resources. For those on the West Coast, we will be conducting a similar workshop at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures May 3-6, 2016 in Malibu, CA. Our workshop there is early Wednesday morning and once again, seating is limited, so come early.

Whether you use our online resources independently, contact us through email or attend one of our workshops, we want to serve you in any way we can. Children are such a vital part of the church, yet are often pushed to the back burner or merely entertained to keep them from “disrupting” others. “Good enough” has become the acceptable standard. Let us show you how Teach One Reach One can change the standards for teaching and training children to follow, worship and serve God all the days of their lives. We can’t wait to meet you!


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