Learning From Your Students

Learning From Your Students - Teach One Reach OneYou may have been a Christian for most of your life. Perhaps you have taught Bible classes for children and teens for years. You are excited to share God’s Words with your students. Did you know you will be a more effective teacher if you learn from your students as well?

The most successful teachers view education as a collaborative exercise. While they have much to teach their students, they realize their students have much to teach them as well. Your students can teach you about what they do and don’t know about the Bible and God’s principles. They can educate you about what is on their hearts.

Want to have a lot of fun? Get your students to teach you something they know how to do and about which you know nothing. Not only will your brain appreciate the exercise, but your relationship with your students will strengthen.

Are you a volunteer teacher in an area where a language other than your first language is spoken or is far from where you live? Have your students teach you some words in their language or make suggestions of the best foods to try or places to visit.

Is there a new fad or type of social media or slang term you have heard, but no little or nothing about yet? Have your students educate you. It may give you insights into the lives of your students or alert you to new subjects to cover in your classes.

Letting your students teach you will make them more willing to learn from you as well. Make your classroom a place of mutual sharing and encouragement. It’s actually a very biblical concept.


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