God and Our Schedule

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God wants us to make Him our first priority in life.
  • Students will learn God wants us to avoid being distracted by worldly things.
  • Students will learn God wants us to listen to His words.
  • Students will learn how to create time in their lives for God and worshipping Him.

Guiding Question: How can students create time each day for God?

Materials: Paper, pencils, various writing/drawing utensils

Procedure: Review the story of Mary and Martha. Remind students that Martha was easily distracted and busy preparing things for dinner. Ask students to share why they thought Martha was distracted by her chores. Explain that while it is fine for Martha to want to prepare a nice meal and have a clean house, she made those things a priority when listening and learning from Jesus should have been her first priority. Have students share what they think can serve as distractions for them today and how can they plan to minimize those distractions so they can focus more on Jesus. 

Introduce the activity. Help the students create and decorate their daily schedules. Help them figure out where they can make time to study the Bible and pray. While working, discuss how sometimes we have to give up things we would like to do so we do something that is more important. God doesn’t necessarily mind if we do fun things, He just doesn’t want us to spend all of our free time doing fun things and then claim we don’t have time for Him. Encourage students to take their schedules home and use them to help them remember to read the Bible and pray.

Additional Questions: How can students spend time with God and their families?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students create a plan for a devotional time they can do with their family every night.

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