Building and Believing

Scripture: Exodus 4:18-6

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn sometimes God will ask us to do hard or scary things.
  • Students will learn even though God may ask us to do something that is hard for us or scares us, He still expects us to do them.
  • Students will learn that just because something is a part of God’s plan does not mean the way to the “end” will not always be quick, direct or easy.
  • Students will learn God will provide us what we need to do what He wants us to do.
  • Students will imitate the work those in Egypt did to understand why they wanted to leave.

Guiding Question: Why is it important to rely on God when things are difficult?

Materials: Water, mud, pinestraw, molds

Procedure: Share the story of Moses returning to Egypt from the scriptures above. Explain how sometimes God will ask us to do things that might be scary or uncomfortable just like what he asked of Moses but it is important to obey God and trust He will always be with us. What God asks of us may take time and as we pray to God, He does not always answer immediately. We must trust God’s timing and that He will always provide for us. Ask the students when they have had to do something tough and share how God was faithful and provided what they needed.

Ask the students if they have ever had to do work outside that was hard and they really did not want to do it. Have the students share and then explain that the Israelites must have been really unhappy about having to work so hard too. Tell the students they are going to get to build brick with and without straw to better understand the hard work the Israelites did.

How to make bricks:

  1. Mix dirt with water to make a thick mud mixture.
  2. Add ½ pound of finely chopped straw for every cubic foot of mud
  3. Knead the mixture with bare feet (be prepared to clean students and warn parents ahead of time) Send the mixture home. The students need to knead each day for four days. The straw will begin to ferment in the mud during that time after kneading for four straight days,
  4. Let the mixture rest for a few days, then knead once more on day you will put into molds.
  5. Put the mixture into molds – let it set for at least 20 minutes then turn over onto straw or sand covered surface (or bricks will stick)
  6. Let it dry for one week before using to “build” something  
  7. Students can try making bricks in the same way but with less straw and then no straw after thoroughly dried what is the difference strength wise etc among the three types of bricks

After the activity is over, talk with the students about the amount of work that went into making the bricks and imagine how the Israelites must have felt doing this type of work for so long.

Note: This is an ongoing activity that requires materials to be sent home. The activity could take several weeks or be done in one class period. If done in one class period – results will not be as good.

Additional Questions: How does godly advice encourage others to believe and trust in God?
Supplemental Activity: Make situation cards about various ongoing challenges that students in your class may face. Have the students work in partners to create godly advice that they would give someone in that situation. Have partners share with the class.

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