Made of Mud

Scripture: Exodus 4:16-5:6

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn sometimes God will ask us to do hard or scary things.
  • Students will learn even though God may ask us to do something that is hard for us or scares us, He still expects us to do them.
  • Students will learn that just because something is a part of God’s plan does not mean the way to the “end” will not always be quick, direct or easy.
  • Students will learn God will provide us what we need to do what He wants us to do.
  • Students will learn how to make mud bricks.

Guiding Question: Why does God want us to trust him?

Materials: The materials are listed in the link found in the procedure section.

Procedure: Review the story of Moses returning to Egypt from the scriptures above. Explain how sometimes God will ask us to do things that might be scary or uncomfortable just like what he asked of Moses but it is important to obey God and trust He will always be with us. What God asks of us may take time and as we pray to God, He does not always answer immediately. We must trust God’s timing and that He will always provide for us. Ask the students when they have had to do something tough and share how God was faithful and provided what they needed.

Introduce the activities. Have students make mud bricks with straw and without straw. Once bricks have dried have them experiment to see which type of brick is stronger. Have students hypothesize why including straw makes the bricks stronger. Recipe for making bricks:

Note: Bricks without straw would have dried more slowly and not fired as well making them weaker. The straw allowed more air to get into the bricks drying them more quickly and making them fire better. Others say the straw in mud bricks serves the same purpose as steel in concrete. 

Additional Questions: How can students work with mud?

Supplemental Activity: Have students create a mud hut:

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