Fire Starters

Scripture: Leviticus 8-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Aaron and his descendants were the priests of Israel.
  • Students will learn the priests had special jobs to do in the Tabernacle and later in the Temple.
  • Students will learn God punished Nadab and Abihu for their disobedience and because they did not honor God by their behavior.
  • Students will learn how to make fire starters.

Guiding Question: Why do consequences come from God?

Materials: Newspaper, twine

Procedure: Review the story of Aaron as priest and his sons, Nahab and Abihu. Focus on the contrast between God being pleased by Aaron’s sacrifice in Leviticus 9 with the disobedience of his sons in Leviticus 10. Explain the role of priests’ sacrifices and the importance of obeying God’s directions for the important role. Explain that there are always consequences for our actions and that God expects us to obey and honor Him. There can be consequences for disobedience to God just like there are consequences for being disobedient to other people (teachers, family, etc).

Introduce the activity. Have students share what different ways there are to start a fire. Have they thought about starting a fire with newspaper? Have the students make braided newspaper fire starters. They will take a section of newspaper, roll into long tube, fold tube in half and “braid” tie with twine at end. Explain that newspaper catches fire easily and this bundle would be able to provide fire if needed.

Additional Questions: How can students use natural resources to start a fire?

Supplemental Activity: Have students experiment with using produce to create a fire:

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