New! Free Bible Curriculum Evaluation Tool!

New! Free Bible Curriculum Evaluation Tool! - Teach One Reach OneTeach One Reach One gets requests for lots of great workshops and resources to help you as you minister to children and teens. One of the most requested is for a resource to help people understand the pros and cons of the many choices of Bible curricula you can purchase to use in Bible classes for your students.

The reality is “There is no perfect curriculum.” Even the Bible lessons and activity ideas we provide to help you in your ministries aren’t perfect. Why? Because when you attempt to write a Bible curriculum, “anyone” can use “anywhere”, you can’t possibly address the needs of each individual class or student.

Having said that, some of the curricula you can purchase is stronger than others. We have analyzed everything we can find for educational best practices, biblical integrity and more. The resource we have developed, a Bible Curriculum Evaluation Tool, is a series of questions you need to ask yourself as you look at your current curriculum or are thinking about a new one.

Each question has the reasoning behind it clearly explained. If the curriculum you are using has obvious weaknesses in an area, that is an area in which you must adapt or tweak what you are using for your students to learn about God in the most effective ways possible. If you find too many weaknesses as you go through the questions, this might be a sign you need to find a different option. Volunteers will make some adjustments when asked, but if you are needing them to totally re-write the curriculum as they go, you are less likely to get compliance.

We want to thank the professional educators who volunteered their time and expertise to help us develop this resource. Although for many of them, their classroom at school is still their primary ministry, they are passionate about helping you be more effective in reaching children and teens with God’s Message in the most effective ways possible.

We’d love to know what you think about our new resource. Message us and please share this with your friends in other churches and ministries!

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