New! Free Teen Bible Lessons

New! Free Teen Bible Lessons - Teach One Reach OneAs we continue to develop free resources to those working with children, we often get requests for something we hadn’t considered offering before. One of the most requested resources was for teen lessons. Great news! We have just posted our first few free teen Bible lessons online for you to use!

Although they are slightly different from the types of lessons and activities we have provided for use with younger children, many of the same Teach One Reach One principles apply. We want our lessons to enable you to spend every minute of class time effectively. We want to make sure not only the facts of the Bible lesson are clear, but that how God wants us to apply those lessons to our daily lives is also taught and practiced.

Our teen lessons may differ a bit from what you may have seen or used other places. We believe teens bond best by sharing their hearts with each other. Although each of our lessons contains an optional fun activity at the beginning, it has a specific purpose. We want your teens to enjoy class, but we don’t want you to waste precious class time on activities that only provide fun and no meaning. Our activities are short and while we think they are still fun, they set the stage for the rest of the lesson.

As for the lessons themselves, you will notice they are heavy on Bible and application. We believe the two go hand in hand. We also try to pick topics that will be interesting to teens and give them practical Bible knowledge.

Another special Teach One Reach One feature in our teen lessons is an application challenge. We want to encourage you to challenge your students to do something specific after each class to begin practicing the godly principles and scriptures you discussed.

So go check out our first teen lessons. You can also see coming topics for other teen lessons. Please keep our ministry in your prayers. We have so much new material in the pipeline, but have a limited number of volunteers who can type, edit and put the material on our website. Keep checking back as we post new materials regularly. If you have ideas for other teen lessons you would like to see, click on the contact us tab on our website and let us know what they are. We will try and add them to our list. (If you have an immediate urgent need, please let us know. Often we may have that material prepared but not online yet. We would love to send it to you to use.)


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