Clues For Finding Water

Finding the following wildlife means a source of water is nearby:

  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Birds that eat seeds and grains (pigeons, finches, wrens, etc.)
  • Carnivorous animals, but only if they have made a well worn trail (it probably leads to water)
  • Herbivorous animals (Note: These drink regularly at dawn and dusk. Following them carefully at these times can lead you to water.)

The following wildlife need little water and are poor indicators of nearby water:

  • Hawks
  • Eagles
  • Crows
  • Individual carnivorous animals
  • Reptiles

Other Natural Clues to Nearby Water

  • Areas of greenery concentrated in one spot
  • Valleys or bottom of sloping areas
  • Flock of birds flying in formation early in the morning

*Note: Seawater is not safe to drink. You can use it to make drinking water, though. Boil the seawater. Place a clean cloth over the pot (away from heat and flame) to catch the steam. Let rag cool and wring the water from it into a container. The water your get from the rag is only as clean as the rag and may need additional purification.

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