Parent Letters and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Parent Letters and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneIf your church is like most churches, the family ride to lunch is often a game of twenty questions. “What did you study in class today?” “You know the story about the guy…” or “I’m not sure what the point was. Something about the woman at the well and cyber bullying.” The parents of your students may want to reinforce the lesson you taught, but often they may not even be really sure what that lesson was.

The answer is a weekly parent letter. Your immediate reaction may be that you don’t have the time to do what you are doing currently. You certainly don’t have the time to compose and copy a parent letter to send home with each one of your students. And what about the trees?

The parent letter can be sent by email or Facebook message to your group. It doesn’t really matter how the parents receive it as long as they get a parent letter communication. That letter home can accomplish several things for your class or program:

  • Give the parents a scripture reference so they can read the passage for themselves and again to their family during the week.
  • Parents know the main point or points you wanted the students to learn. If the student misunderstood what you taught, the parent knows to correct the child’s misunderstanding and not send you a blistering email about your “confused” theology. Plus they can reinforce those points at home.
  • Alerts your parents to any special requests you have for coming classes. Requests for permission slips for field trips, special items for service projects or wearing clothes your students can get dirty often get lost between the classroom and home. The parent letter is a visual reminder of what you need from your families.
  • Encourages the parents of your students to extend the lesson at home. Take a few extra seconds and think of a simple activity or discussion you can encourage your parents to complete with your students during the week. Give your students a challenge each week? The parent letter is great for encouraging the parents to meet the challenge along with your students.
  • Alerts parents to coming attractions their kids won’t want to miss. If your students are sporadic attendees to church, sometimes coming attractions will convince the parents to bring them an additional week. I mean who wants their child to miss riding a donkey during Bible class?

Taking a few extra minutes to compose and send home a parent letter can greatly improve the effectiveness of your classes. It really is worth the effort.

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