Cool, Calm and Collected

Scripture: Acts 19:1-41

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God does not want us involved in sorcery or evil deeds.
  • Students will learn some Gentiles rejected Christ because they made money off of those who worshipped the false gods.
  • Students will learn sometimes Christians need to be wise like Paul and stay away from situations where people are too worked up and violent to listen to God’s message.
  • Students will learn how to care for others when they are upset while also sharing God with them.

Guiding Question: How can supporting others emotionally give them a chance to learn about God?

Materials: No materials needed.

Procedure: Review the story of Paul and the Silversmiths from the scripture above. Explain that Paul had to be smart about how he handled the situation because He did not want to be a part of something that was not being handled in a Godly way. Explain that sometimes when people are upset, they need to hear about God but will not be able to process it well when they are so upset.

Tell the students that calming people down who are upset is important so they can hear what you want to teach them about God. Explain that you are going to teach the students steps for helping others calm down in a godly way so they can hear what you have to say. Have students imitate/act out each step. Go through several times if needed.

1. Breathe slowly and deeply to calm yourself before saying or doing anything

2. Think about the other person’s possible reactions to what you want to say before you speak

3. Speak slowly, calmly and softly

4. Remember the people may not know exactly why they are angry

5. Listen to what they have to say before speaking

6. Acknowledge the emotion they are feeling

7. Acknowledge what happened to make them upset

8. Point out any factors they may have missed

9. Involve them in problem solving.

Have the students compare this list to what happened in the story. How did the clerk use these techniques to calm the people and get them to go home.? Give the students scenarios when they try to calm someone down and let them practice.

Additional Questions: What resources can be used to help us calm down when we are upset so we can focus on God?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students make diy calming items (pick several prior to the lesson that they can choose to make) that they can use to help them calm down in upsetting situations. After the students make the item, have them find a Bible verse that they can use when they are praying to God for His help to calm down when they are upset.

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