Meeting the Unmet Needs

Scripture: Acts 17:16-34

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Paul used things people already understood to begin introducing them to Jesus.
  • Students will learn Paul did not put down people who did not know about God and Jesus, but used the fact that they wanted to do what was right to help explain to them about the real God and His Son Jesus.
  • Students will learn God wants us to respect those who have not heard about Him, but that He still wants us to teach them the truth so they can do what God wants them to do.
  • Students will complete a service project to serve an unmet need in their community.

Guiding Question: How does serving an unmet need show God to the community?

Materials: The materials will vary depending on the service project that the students design.

Procedure: Review the story of Paul in Athens from the scripture above. Explain how there are many people that Paul served who did not know about God. Tell the students that there are even many people in the community or people they might know who do not know much about God. Share Matthew 5:16 with the students. Ask them how they think they could be a light in their community. What good work could they do that would get people talking about their service, their church, and God?

Have the students brainstorm and come up with a service project that would meet an unmet need in the community, Provide guidance where needed when students are coming up with the service project. Have the students think about how the project meets a need and gives the people an opportunity to learn about the church and God. You and the students can coordinate with parents and other members in the church to create and implement the project.

Additional Questions: How can students go outside of their community to share the Word of God?

Supplemental Activity: Have students choose a close city and design a service project where they would minister to a need in the city and also share about their faith, the church, and God.

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