Lights, Camera, Action!

Scripture: Acts 27-Acts 28:10, Titus 2:1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the story of Paul’s shipwreck.
  • Students will learn that sometimes missionaries can run into problems that can be discouraging.
  • Students will learn to rely on prayer during times of difficulty.
  • Students will learn how to encourage other children while also providing them with basic needs.

Guiding Question: How does God use encouragement to help others know His love?

Materials: Laptop with a camera/smartphone/digital camera, service project materials will vary depending on the mission team’s needs.

Procedure: Review the story of Paul’s Shipwreck and why it was so important that He relied on God during his hardships. Ask the students if it would be hard for them to rely on God during a tough time and why. Explain that people often need encouragement when they are doing something difficult and that helps show them God’s love.

Have the students create a video to share with children in a country where one of your church’s mission teams visits. In the video. Have the children talk about how they live out their faith and encourage those watching the video to stay close to God and pray to Him always, even when life gets difficult. After making the video, have the students create supplies bags based on the mission team’s needs.

Additional Questions:

  • How can Bible stories be shared in a way that will encourage others?

Supplemental Activity: Let interested students act out a Bible story to send to the children in the country where the mission team visits. Have the students also create a document with the Bible verses they acted out and a summary of the story and what can be learned from it.

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