Plenty of Plagues

Scripture: Exodus 7-10

Photo by gary tresize on Unsplash

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God is the only God.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show the Egyptians their gods were false.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show us and the Israelites He is ruler of everything.
  • Students will create bags with various items to help them retell the Ten Plagues.

Guiding Question: How does God show he is in control?

Materials: Suggested materials are listed in the Procedure section.

Procedure: Read through the story of the Ten Plagues, focusing specifically on what the plagues were and why they happened. Explain that the plagues were to show the Egyptians that the gods they had been worshipping were not real. God was showing that he is the one true God. God also wanted the Israelites to see that He was in control and ruler of all things on Earth. Explain that even when we do not understand why something is happening, we can trust that God is in control and ruling. Sometimes God may even give us little signs that remind us that he is working and in control. Provide personal examples if appropriate.

Introduce the activity. Tell the students they are going to create bags which will contain items – one for each plague – that will be used for a game with family. Give students small brown bags to decorate and then give them materials to make items representing each of the ten plagues. Encourage them to make a game of it with family members trying to put the items representing the ten plagues in the correct order and retelling the story.

Example Items:

-Plague of Blood: blue paper for river, red markers for blood

-Plague of Frogs: Rubber frog, play leaves/lily pads

-Plague of Gnats: pretend gnats

-Plague of Flies: flyswatter, pretend flies

-Plague of Livestock: pretend livestock animals, pretend grass/field

-Plague of Boils: pretend fire, drawing of fire

-Plague of Hail: mini ice cubes for lunch packs

-Plague of Locusts: tiny grasshoppers (related to locust!)

-Plague of Darkness: black paper

-Plague of Firstborn: play baby items

Additional Questions: How can students use props to retell the story of the Ten Plagues?

Supplemental Activity: Have students create puppets for each of the Ten Plagues to reuse when telling the story:

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