Proverbs for All

Scripture: Proverbs 5,7,12-15,17,19-23,27-29,31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Proverbs about friends and family.
  • Students will learn how the Bible offers Proverbs to help us love and care for people in our lives.

Guiding Question: How can students learn to use the Proverbs for advice on how to treat others?

Materials: Bibles, study aids

Procedure: Review the main themes in Proverbs: Bible – Proverbs breaks down specific ways people should treat various members of their friends and family, Parents – respects, listens, tries to bring them honor and joy by being wise, righteous and diligent, Wife – appreciates her, praises her, trusts her, is faithful, Kids – loves them, is concerned about them, trains and teaches them, disciplines them, takes care of their spiritual and physical needs, Friends – values them, is dependable, advises them, fulfills promises, peaceful, doesn’t stay too long if visiting , doesn’t lie to them.

Depending upon the age and skill levels of your Bible students, teach them how to use various Bible study aids to find the specific location of these Proverbs. Younger students may need you to give them the specifics to make it easier for them. Older students may be able to find these Proverbs and their locations just by directing them to find every Proverb discussing friendship. 

Additional Questions: How can students use proverbs in their daily life?

Supplemental Activities: Have the students find a Proverb about friends or family that they can use to treat a person in their life in a godly way in the upcoming week. Have the students plan for how to implement that proverb and report back the following class.

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